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Welcome to Pothwar Super League

The Pothwar Super League was set-up in 2018 to provide cricket teams in England a platform to compete competitively at grass roots level. It is a not-for-profit organisation that has been sponsored over the year's by local communities and businesses.

We aim to work in collaboration with organisations and bodies such as the local County Cricket Clubs to continue to provide affiliated teams advice, guidance and support on issues impacting their players at grass roots level. This ranges from child protection policies for youth teams to access to funding for the club as a whole.

In additon, we work closely with local professional cricket clubs to get a better understanding of their scout network so that we can work collaboratively to introduce young cricket talent in a structured manner at a young age.

Our core goal is to work with integrity so that we are trusted by the communities and organisations we work with because we are seen to be honest, fair and accountable.

To this end the Pothwar Super League has adopted the following mission statement: The Pothwar Super League firmly believe that the roots of our future lie in our past and we wish to actively shape these roots, especially in the areas of: - Sporting development - Retention of members, fans, employees and sponsors - Business development - Social responsibility Our past is defined as having hereditary links to the sub-continent and affiliated teams are expected to adhere to this ethos and operate within the agreed frameworks of our constitution. Our collective goal is sporting success but in pursuit of this goal, no one may endanger the existence of our organisation or violate the values set forth in this mission statement. We accept that the Equality Act 2010 does cut across this mission statement but that we are looking to maintain the integrity of the Competition as being part of a cultural event.